Optima Dermatology Featured in Columbus Dispatch

October 2021

Columbus, OH: With plans underway for Optima Dermatology’s new state of the art facility in the Easton area of Columbus, the Columbus Dispatch interviewed CEO Max Puyanic on the company’s growth and the essential dermatology services Optima is providing to the region.

GARY SEMAN JR. 9/29/21

A medical company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has major growth plans in Ohio, with another facility planned for Northland.

Optima Dermatology wants to build a 2-story 14,800-square-foot building at 4048 Morse Road, just west of Interstate 71, near Easton Gateway.

Max Puyanick, CEO, the state-of-the-art building and equipment “will allow us to provide industry-leading care.”

Michigan-based Columbus Retail Management LLC is the project developer of the vacant site, according to documents from the city.

The medical facility requires two variances from the city of Columbus.

One, which is under the jurisdiction of the Columbus Board of Zoning Adjustment, asks to vary the building setback line from 11 feet to 59 feet, said Tony Celebrezze, assistant director of the Columbus Department of Building and Zoning Services.

The other, which falls under the domain of the city’s Graphics Commission, would allow a sign of 126 square feet instead of 16 square feet on two elevations, along with a ground sign to face the same street, Celebrezze said.

Puyanick said the entire country is lacking dermatological care and Ohio in particular.

Skin cancers are the most common types of cancer in the us. Of the 7 million cases of all cancers diagnosed every year, about 5.5 million are skin cancer, he said.

Melanoma, for example, has increased by 110% over the past two decades and is one of the fastest-growing forms of cancer, Puyanik said.

Optima Dermatology would provide not only essential dermatology care but also cosmetic services and clinical trials in which the company would work with pharmaceutical companies on emerging drug protocols and measure effectiveness and success, he said.

Optima Pharmaceutical locations are in Boardman, Mentor and north of Cincinnati, with facilities planned for Salem and Warren.

“We’re targeting communities that have particularly bad access to dermatological care,” Puyanick said.



Original Article: https://amp.dispatch.com/amp/5917551001