Meet Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner Chelsea McCraine, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

October 2022

Chelsea Delivers Expert Medical Aesthetics Services to Optima Dermatology’s Salem, NH Practice

Optima Dermatology is excited to welcome Chelsea McCraine, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, to our practice in Salem, NH. Along with her extensive experience in medical aesthetic treatments, Chelsea brings an exceptional approach to patient care.

Chelsea graduated from Simmons College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and went on to receive her Masters of Science in Nursing in 2015. Since that time, Chelsea worked as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner for Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, as well as a medical aesthetics provider in Nashua before joining Optima Dermatology. 

Some of the medical aesthetics treatments Chelsea offers include neurotoxin injections such as Botox®, dermal fillers, microneedling, BroadBand Light (BBL™), HALO® Hybrid Fractional Laser, CoolSculpting®, Kybella®, HydraFacial®, and more. 

A Commitment to Patient-Centric Care

Throughout her entire career, Chelsea has approached patient care by providing a comfortable, informative, personalized environment, and is committed to building long-term relationships with her clients. 

Patients can expect customized aesthetic treatment plans developed through one-on-one consultations where Chelsea is able to understand your unique skin care needs. 

We recently had the opportunity to learn more about Chelsea, her approach, and the path that led her to pursue a career in medical aesthetics.

How and when did you know you wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner? Were you always interested in aesthetics, and what was your path to get here?

I was one of those kids whose dreams were all over the place. One week I would want to be a Disney princess and the next an astronaut. It wasn’t until I started to look at colleges in high school that I realized I wanted my life’s work to embrace my strengths of compassion and hard work with the desire to make lasting changes in the world. I have always had an innate desire to help people become the best version of themselves and pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner was the perfect way to do just that.

I spent the first five years working in Gastroenterology (GI) at Beth Israel Lahey Health, where I helped heal various GI ailments; mainly focusing on using food and exercise as medicine.  

The ability to assist patients on their journey to better their own health, sense of self, and overall well-being from the inside out was incredibly fulfilling. Naturally, I was inspired to pursue a career in aesthetics and I was elated to find a career path that combined my lifelong desire to help others in a medical setting that inspires positivity and artistry. I firmly believe that aesthetic medicine epitomizes the “art of nursing” because it enables me to fulfill my creative side while still using my clinical judgment. 

What is your number one tip when it comes to taking care of your skin?

Without a doubt, sunscreen! Wearing sunscreen is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age. When used regularly and consistently, sunscreen helps prevent sunburns, premature aging, and most importantly skin cancer.

What do you enjoy most about treating your aesthetic patients and what is unique about your approach?

There is nothing more gratifying than comparing before and after pictures with a patient. Photos are truly the foundation for communicating results because images and visuals often describe far more than words alone can. The result is rarely as impressive as the journey toward the result—before and after photos convey that journey perfectly. My approach to aesthetic medicine is unique because I pride myself on having the ability to interpret patient goals and skillfully tailor a treatment approach to provide an optimal aesthetic outcome, and in the process, cultivate a trusting clinician-patient relationship.

For someone who is interested in, but new to new to medical aesthetic treatments, how do you recommend they get started?

I would strongly encourage them to simply book a consultation. Our skin is the biggest organ we have and it deserves some pampering! The aesthetic world can be intimidating and consultations facilitate an open and honest conversation about specific concerns, budget, treatment options, and expectations. Consultations are the key to developing a customized treatment plan that will deliver measurable results!

Where are the most common areas you treat with dermal filler?

One of the most common areas I treat with dermal filler is the cheeks. It is also one of my favorite areas to treat because it is an effective and conservative way to correct aging. Loss of volume is a hallmark sign of aging, which starts in the mid-face—specifically, the cheeks.  Midface volume rejuvenation with dermal filler directly improves the appearance and contour of the cheeks but also has beneficial effects on neighboring areas of concern including the undereye, nasolabial folds, lines around the mouth, and marionette lines. Facial contouring with cheek filler is truly the key to restoring the triangle of youth!

For microneedling, which patients would you recommend this treatment for, and what should patients expect?

From reducing the appearance of wrinkles to improving the appearance of acne scars, pigmentation, skin texture, and large pores—microneedling is a versatile and effective treatment that can fulfill a diversity of needs. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a process involving repeated puncturing of the skin with tiny, sterilized needles. Carrying out precise, controlled “micro-injuries” leads to skin rejuvenation and the treatment of fine lines, skin laxity, scarring, pigmentation, cell turnover, and increased collagen production through the process of dermal remodeling. 

Patients can expect mild short-term swelling, redness, and skin flaking, which can last a few days post-procedure. Most people can return to wearing regular makeup within a day of treatment. A series of three to five monthly treatments are generally recommended to achieve desired results. 

What do you like to do when you are not treating patients?

When I am not in the office treating patients, I love to spend time with my husband and our two dogs. Being born and raised in New England, we love to be outside no matter what the season!  You can always find us outdoors—at the beach, hiking the White Mountains, or simply relaxing in the backyard.

Answer this question:  If you knew me you would know…

If you knew me you would know that I give one hundred percent to my patients each and every day.  When you put your heart and soul into your work, you cannot help but make something beautiful.

What to Expect From Dermatological Care From Chelsea and Her Team

If you’re seeking medical aesthetic treatment or want to know more about your options, Chelsea offers a wide range of services and has advanced training and experience to ensure the highest quality of care. 

View a complete list of our medical aesthetics services, and come in for a free consultation to learn more about our approach to patient care. Chelsea is accepting new patients at our Salem, NH location. Give us a call at 844-756-0898 to schedule your consultation today!