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HALO™ Laser

What You Need to Know About HALO™ Laser Treatment

HALO™ laser treatment is a medical aesthetic service that helps restore your skin to its natural, healthy glow. Skin damage over time from sun exposure and aging can cause your skin to develop fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, or other blemishes, which can all be addressed with a safe, effective HALO™ laser treatment.

A HALO™ laser applies different wavelengths to the skin to target both the top layer and deeper tissues underneath with minimal downtime.

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What to Expect From a HALO™ Laser Treatment

The HALO™ is a fractionated laser, which breaks the laser light into many smaller beams, allowing for extremely targeted treatment that leaves the surrounding skin untouched. This more advanced approach means fewer treatments and less recovery time for patients.

Treatments typically last an hour or less based on the size of the treatment area, and are delivered using a handheld laser after applying a topical numbing cream to the area. Patients report feeling heat and a prickling sensation during the treatment.

  • HALO™ treatments can improve the overall appearance of the skin, addressing wrinkles, laxity, age spots and sun spots, discoloration, pore size, and more
  • Excellent long-term results when supported by good skin care habits
  • Faster recovery than with other laser treatments, with most patients experiencing redness or swelling for only a few days
  • Makeup can be applied within 24 hours following treatment
  • Visible results typically within five to seven days

Should I Consider a HALO™ Laser Treatment?

The HALO™ laser treatment is a great option if you want to treat skin pigmentation, texture issues, and other visible blemishes on your face, neck, neckline, arms, hands, or legs. HALO™ is not recommended for abdominal, back, or side skin issues, or for deep wrinkles that typically need deeper laser treatment.

HALO™ treatment is a safe and effective way to treat skin concerns, with the benefit of two wavelengths that can be easily adjusted depending on your unique needs.

At Optima Dermatology, we work closely with every patient to ensure we deliver the best treatment for your needs.