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Dermatology Referrals

Optima Dermatology is committed to increasing access to expert dermatology care and delivering an unparalleled patient experience. Our commitment to exceptional care and service to our patients extends to our referral partners. We strive to create a collaborative approach to all aspects of patient care and provide a seamless referral process. We offer multiple ways to submit dermatology referrals to our practices, and prioritize our referral patients.

To submit a referral, please fax us, call our dedicated referral line, submit a Request Appointment form, or use our HISP Direct Mail address.

For practices utilizing a HISP Direct address, our HISP Direct Mail address is: referral@optima.emadirect.md

What is HISP Direct? HISP Direct is a secure method for sending health information electronically among health care providers and entities and streamlines the referral process by eliminating the need for faxing, printing or scanning.

We look forward to partnering with you and serving your patients!

Optima Dermatology - Exeter

1 Hampton Road,
Exeter, NH 03833

Phone: (603) 942-2027
Fax: (603) 371-3104

HISP Direct: referral@optima.emadirect.md

Optima Dermatology - Macedonia

8183 Golden Link Blvd.,
Macedonia, Ohio 44067

Phone: (330) 299-8915
Fax: (330) 525-9009

HISP Direct: referral@optima.emadirect.md

 Optima Dermatology - Mentor

7676 Reynolds Road,
Mentor, OH 44060

Phone: (330) 299-8915
Fax: (380) 283-3010

HISP Direct: referral@optima.emadirect.md

 Optima Dermatology - Scarborough

71 US Route One, Suite J,
Scarborough, Maine 04074

Phone: (603) 942-2027
Fax: (207) 203-4875

HISP Direct: referral@optima.emadirect.md

Optima Dermatology - Salem

25 Pelham Road,
Unit 301
Salem, NH 03079

Phone: (603) 942-2027
Fax: (603) 288-1722

HISP Direct: referral@optima.emadirect.md